The island of Corsica, also called the” island of beauty”, is situated between the Tyrrhenian and the Ligurian Sea. A third of the surface is under protection as a natural park. Its great beauty is due to the diversity of its landscapes, which, although different, unite into a harmonious blend. The eastern coast is formed by sandy, while to the west the line of the coast is formed by rocky coves. The areas most frequented by tourists are the north and the south-east of the island. Where the morphology of the coast may change, one aspect remains constant; the whole coast line of the island of Corsica is caressed by a clean, colourful and transparent sea. This island offers a lot of content and activities for tourists, which range from mountain climbing to diving. In fact, the interior of the island shows a mountainous and hilly landscape exceptional for alpine activities. In addition to Ajaccio, which is the capital, the other important urban centres are Bonifacio, Calvi, Porto-Vecchio and Bastia, all rich in history and cultural heritage. The most beautiful and picturesque parts of Corsica are still its beaches. With its landscape that is still wild and unspoiled, Corsica contains a variety of views that will make you fall in love with its beaches, caribbean colours, the breathtaking cliffs, the sheer rocks and the blinding white cliffs that drop into the turquoise sea. You can visit and admire the transparency of the crystal clear sea and the phenomena of geology of Corsica, thanks to itineraries on a sailing boat or other craft provided by our charter. With a pleasant navigation along the coast of the island, and the islets that are located in its surroundings, the experience of a visit to this wonderful island will become a moment of relaxation immersed in the mediterranean atmosphere and will be remembered by the multi-faceted and multi-coloured landscape.