Französische Riviera

The Côte d'azur, the destination for an excellent summer vacation, which consists of the stretch of coast from Menton to Cannes, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, with a tradition that dates back to the XVIII century. The stretch of sunny beaches overlooking a beautiful turquoise sea, clear and crystalline, is situated at the foot of a steep mountain, which is located behind the town and other seaside towns that follow the coastline. The picturesque villages clinging to the slopes of the steep rock, a vibrant and cosmopolitan nightlife and world-famous cultural events make this a most incredible tourist destination. With its more than one hundred kilometres of coastline, the Côte d’Azur is definitely an ideal destination for those who love the sea, the sun, the beach and the nightlife, but also for those who love the culture. The most visited places are Nice, Monte Carlo, Saint Tropez and Cannes. The French Riviera, elegant and luxurious, deserves to be observed and appreciated from the sea, possibly stopping for visits to the most beautiful places. The name of the coast is due to the incredible deep blue colour of the sea. It has become a symbol of worldly life and glamour, a place where everyone wants to be. The beaches of the French Riviera are varied, from the black sand beaches of Antibes to the beautiful white beaches of Ile de Porquerolles, Cannes and Monaco, with their exclusive charm and elegance, to the pebble beaches and rocky coast of the Saint-Tropez Bay. It is from the Gulf of Saint-Tropez that the most beautiful beaches begin, set in a natural environment with wild and clear waters. A coast that is so rich and detailed must certainly be seen from a sail boat or motor yacht, in order to dive into the spirit of the coast and discover the many features that it offers.